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Skinnypop Popcorn Skinny Pop - White Cheddar - Case Of 10 - 0.65 Oz.

Skinnypop Popcorn
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Skinnypop white cheddar popcorn is the guilt-free snack with dairy-free white cheddar flavor. This delicious vegan popcorn contain 100 calories per serving. We believe in snacking without compromise. To us, that means using the cleanest, fewest and simplest ingredients possible to bring you the best tasting popcorn. Includes six 0.65 oz. Bags of skinnypop white cheddar popcorn. Skinnypop starts with a premium popcorn kernel, sunflower oil and the perfect amount of salt. From there, "pure popped perfection" says it all. Our popcorn has no gmos, gluten or preservatives, making skinnypop a tasty, guilt-free snack.