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Boxed Water Is Better - Purified Water - Case Of 12 - 33.8 Fl Oz.

Boxed Water Is Better
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Boxed water is better, inside and out. Everything about our process from how we package, ship, and fill, to what we put into the package is designed to make the earth a better place. 74% of our carton is made out of paper taken from trees in well-managed forests, meaning they're regularly replanted. We also ship our boxes flat to our filler which greatly reduces our carbon footprint compared to shipping plastic or glass bottles. And with all of that good on the outside of the package, we put a lot of good into what goes inside. Our 8-step purification process ensures that our water is free from contaminants so that each sip is refreshingly pure. Includes 33.8 oz. Carton. Here at boxed water is better, we're constantly finding new ways to make a positive impact on our planet.